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Whaler Restoration Part II – the Outside Painted!

This 10 minute video covers the first phases of restoration for this 1971 16’7″ Boston Whaler. This includes the glasswork to repair delamination on the transom to a topcoat of Interlux Perfection epoxy paint over the entire outside of the boat. I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. It is not perfect, but it’s definitely looking much better than it was! This project has taken 77 hours so far! Hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!


1971 Boston Whaler Restoration (resto-mod)

Pete (right) and me (left)

In 1972 a bare hull 1971 16’7″ Boston Whaler (number 3A4655) was delivered to Williamsburg, Virginia. Then, in the mid 80s, my father, from Hampton, Virginia, bought the boat from a crabber who had it outfitted with a tiller outboard. Dad installed a center console and a 75 Evinrude. He passed away in 1999 and I had possession of the boat. Then, when my son was born, in 2004, the motor blew up and so not wanting to pay for a new motor and a new baby simultaneously, I sold the boat to my fishing buddy, Pete. Now, 17 years later, Pete is ready for a boat upgrade and so he offered to sell me back the old Whaler. Needless to say, I pounced on the opportunity! I am planning a full restoration that I will document here. To get things started, at the bottom of this page is a video of the breakdown, where I remove all of the hardware, the center console, the engine, and the brass thru holes.

First Pass, before breakdown, was a good cleaning!

Once things thaw out and I get some materials, I plan to address the small areas of delimitation on the outer portions of the transom, shown in the last part of the video. As always, I welcome any constructive feedback!

Here’s the mostly stripped down hull, ready for the next steps!